Whooompalooompah! I’ve recently checked out 2 movies at the premier screening of the odd alien movie District 9 and the focktastically distrurbing thriller Orphan. Just for your info, District 9 is a movie banned in Malaysia – or so I’ve heard.

Cathy & I camwhoring with Esther

Let’s begin with Orphan. I think it opened doors to the public today? I initially thought it was some kind of child abuse/family-oriented show just by looking at the posters. But I came out from the theaters traumatized and mentally disturbed instead. HAHA

Myself with the rest of the early birds at the movie premier

The beginning of Orphan was as gruesome as any exposition could get. Think aborted fetuses covered in blood shoved to the middle of the screen. Throw in lots of anguish screaming and wailing. Ugh.

Plot then continues with the parents, Kate & John, bringing back 9 year old Esther from the orphanage house. She was superficially pleasant, well-mannered and always in her best behaviour.

That’s Esther ‘checking in’ to her new room. I liked how their son Daniel called Esther a freak. Heck yeah, she is. The lil girl Maxine is mute and partially deaf but equally adorable all the same.

There was a very hair-raising twist in the story. No one expected it, though I had a slight uncanny feeling when I saw all the men’s photographs kept in her diary. Did I get you thinking that she is a maneater? Hmm.. oh and, she ain’t really 9 years old you know. Go figure.

She paints beautfully, no doubt

But place all her artwork under a UV light and it will make your eyes widen and probably mentally disturb the weak hearted. Makes you think twice about what they actually teach in Art classes now.

Oh hey that’s me!

Those white roses are named Jessica
Remember the dead foetus I told you about?
Yeah, Jessica’s ashes were sprinkled in those roses.
And Esther the bloody orphan killed me, again. Aren’t I supposed to be already dead? You should see how she killed me. It made mommy go hysterical and other series of gory accidents made her ballistic.

My fave line in the show was:

“You’ve got it all wrong ma’am! Saarne Institute is not a child orphanage”

*long pause*

“It is a… Mental Hospital”


Esther insists that there was a
bsolutely nothing wrong with her. Check out the video of an exclusive interview with this bright child star, Isabelle Fuhrman

Let it load while you check out the rest of this entry

One of the parts which I went “Ohhhhhhhhh fockkkkkkkkkkkk” and literally squirm in my seat was right after this scene –

I ain’t telling you what happened to the nun

But you can more or less guess
after seeing the picture above
Oh and, here’s note from me. This movie ain’t to be shown to minors as it has excessively violent scenes, pornographic images and vulgarity.

Threatening poor Maxine

I mean come onnn. How wrong can this movie get? It involved little innocent kids for chrissakes. Dropping the F-bombs everywhere and just the mere sight of seeing murderous children with revolvers, hammers, plugging off life supplies in hospitals, kerosene & a match is just so dreadful.

But that’s the fun part ain’t it?
I think Chucky could use a new owner.
Oh and guess who was my guest for this movie screening?

I brought mom along!

Hey if Pixie Lott can travel all around the world for her tours with her mom, I don’t see why I can’t bring mom to watch the movie with us. After all, she was down in KL for 2 days on a business trip.

I didn’t crop out Howard on purpose.
You should see his expression in the background!
Mom, Zues & I

Buddy Samuel aka Romeo

Picture credits to Jackie
Taken right after the movie screening


Now we’re done with Orphan, are you ready for District 9?

I know I owe buddyVincent a District 9 review instead of going on & on about a certain romeo who saved me from a flat tire. But that’s another story yea? *winks*

Prior to the movie, I thought it was some lame robotic science-fiction show that didn’t even make it on big screen. LOL but I was wrong! It was that good and graphic till it was banned in Malaysia for reasons beyond me.

I reckon it was because it had some similarities to the racist Apartheid govermental declarations, the District 6, which discriminates the blacks in South Africa

I LOLed when he was called Christopher Johnson
didn’t expect a creature like that to even have a name
…let alone a name like that.

Basically, the MNU officers had no other better things to do than to enter the District 9 and disturb the peace of the aliens where technically bears the sign NO HUMANS ALLOWED. Poor them had to be evacuated to District 10 which is further away from their current location.

Funny how they try to have proper conversations with aliens that look like aluminium tin cans taking form of a prawn or any other crustaceans that you can think of. Or maybe a lower grade version of Decepticons.

It serves the main character right as he was nosy enough to rumage the aliens’ property, thus accidentally spraying himself with an icky fluid known as ‘The Black Liquid’.

which gradually turned him into one of them
a metal prawn

The ending was especially touching though – where he was handmaking a flower outta scrap material to miraculously deliver to his wife. She’s a mortal, mind you. It was kinda saddening, as she lost her husband to the metalprawns forever.

Well not forever though, Christopher Johnson the very well-mannered metalprawn promised to return & save in in 3 years time. Heh. What a promise! Would there be a sequel to this movie?

Group Shots!
-No prawns allowed in this district-


Buddies & I just before the premier


Will be heading for a special preview of the science-fiction thriller Avatar tomorrow morning. It’s release date will be in December 2009, and from the directors of Titanic – so it better be good!