Who agrees with me that Hannah Tan is sizzling hot?

Well, I think she is. =)
She once won the Miss Malaysia Petite in one of the years back and has ever since carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.

When I was partying down at Mois during the Celebrity Bash quite some time ago, she was there too – singing. Take a look :

I’ve no idea why she adorned a shocking pink outfit anyway

She put together some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry and launched a workshop – The H Factor. Here she is, at my campus KDU to promote and share with us the itsy bitsy on that workshop.

Looking sizzling hot as usual

FYI, she’s from KDU Mass Communications too!
So, she’s like.. my super senior

Hannah and I in Lecture Theater 1
(i feel so inferior beside her LOL)


My classmates and I, grabbing a shot with our super senior Hannah Tan

So after paying RM30 for her workshop scheduled at G Hotel on Sunday, here we are!

Bestie Joyce & I
We have the H chops though

Met up boyfie there too. He’s a chef at G Hotel if you didn’t already know. Woooooo and check this out! We loved it! Especially the cheesecake and the beehoon which didn’t taste like boring old beehoon. *applause*

Like, zomg.
I hate being a sweet tooth

Met up so many familiar faces, I guess being in the communications & media industry will bound to have you bumping into people that you know all the time. These are my high school friends!

*hugs babes*

Us with our H Factor goodies bags.

No pictures from the workshop itself as we weren’t exactly permitted to snap any DURING it. Anyway, for those who are interested, Hannah & her crew will be in Johor, KL and more.

You can log on here to get more details on her workshop

Go quick!