Heyya loves! Been away for the weekend for a short roadtrip on a gastronomic voyage. Will promise to blog all about it soon yeah? Expect Bulgarian cuisines, 75°C food and drinks & *cough* my graduation!

Bloody hell!
That dude just poked his finger into my
nostril when I was camwhoring haha!

You’ll see pretty damn soon. But here’s a little teaser on what’s next.
It’s Chocolate Soup! Ohmygawddd the mother of all sins. Chocolate Fondue in a form of soup with Vanilla ice-cream & Chocolate flakes on top.


Tastes like pure Cadbury too! Hmm.. but fancy-pants ain’t needed if you just need to get a good choco fix. Here’s my two cents on replicating this awesome Chocolate Soup I just had. No money involved. Just an extra dosage of nagging if the kitchen gets messy.

benjicajessdotcom’s LOLguide of
‘How To Make Your Own Chocolate Soup’

1. Go raid your kitchen for leftover chocolate
2. Fill a pot with boiling water
3. Find some focking way to suspend a metal containter over the pot
3. Let the chocolate bar simmer over the boiling water’s steam
4. Choose your favorite finger and dip in the melted chocolate mixture
5. Put that finger into your mouth (this is optional)
6. Dip your thumb in the melted chocolate mixture
7. Insert into nose. (again, this is optional)
8. Dilute the chocolate mixture with some water & milk. You want soup, not paste.
9. Chill your hocus-pocus in the refrigerator
10. Point a chopstick towards the refrigerator ala Harry Potter style, clap your hands 3 times and turn around in a circle. My mantra of getting things to work!

Hmm.. I’m nothing close to a chef but I made the recipie
based on what I thought might work anyways.
scuba diving
But try it! If it works then lemme know!