Think you’ve got guts to be a leadership & team-building facilitator?


No harm trying!

Well, we got shortlisted and decided to give it a try! But hey, we ourselves had to go through trainings and briefings first before going out in public and experience it for real. =D (in case we screw up lah)

The best part was making so many new friends and having a ball of fun… all co-currently while learning as we go along too!

But prior to that, there was the ice-breaking – essential to every function! Actually, all of us got along pretty well even before the session when we were waiting and such. It’s usually the case, cos all of us are here for the exact same purpose so we should share certain things in common, no? ^_^

Games were then lined up for us to test our teamwork & leadership skills and how we handle certain situations.

It certainly isn’t as easy at it looks!

Haha, in the beginning I heard people going,

“huh? Think we all kids ar.. so easy wan”

But in the end,
everyone was so worked-up and lovin’ it!

So I guess, sometimes we can’t just jump into conclusions by the mere mention of something we have not experienced before aye? =)

A de-briefing session was done respectively after each game and I especially liked how Andy Tai (our facilitator) was so diplomatic & influential when doing so. *salute!*

Mistakes were made along the way =)

Only after the break, the whole lot of us were already talking like we’re buddies. It’s just amazing how people get to know each other and have agazillion things to talk about!

One in particular that I wanna mention is – Yik Chun. He’s an awesome person and possess very impressive leadership skills – at least, that’s what i felt.
And yeah, very down-to-earth and funny!

That’s him during his turn as group leader.
The surprising thing was, he was Sweetheart’s
former classmate back in HighSchool!!
Wow. What a coincidence.

And after all the laughter, sweat and utter madness we endured, here comes the finale – GROUP PRESENTATION.
Gosh, and it was my turn to be the group leader this time.

We were assigned to work in our teams, give it a name, draw its logo, plan the values that we have and create team SONG *drumroll* AND SING IT in front of everyone! *argh*

A time-frame must be strictly adhered to to reflect our time-management skills. And after the time was up… let it roll!!

This was William’s group
I think they came up with something to do with Hakuna Matata

ohno.. look at Andy Tai in evaluation-mode!

And then it was OUR TURN *jengjengjeng*

Thank You Mr. Mark for the public speaking &
presentation skills you’ve taught!

I guess I conquered my fears already (I hope)

For the song part, we remixed our own version of
Rihanna – Umbrella!

The lyrics, the genre and everything was recreated,
and we even had our dear Josh as the beatboxer to pump up some bass!

We were glad the rest sang along and enjoyed it! *w00t w00t* Oh, and for a closer look at what we’ve managed to do in the time constraint, here it is –

Now, who’s that superman?




The amused Andy Tai…. the handsome.

for a job well-done
Was great working with all of you – Joshua, Hazel, Ian & Wen!
You guys were fantastic, innovative & cooperative team members!