Wellwell.. remember I told you that I was psyched to eat those meals on Sweetheart’s turn to operate Le’Cafe
here ?

and we did!

and… WE ATE!

I was stoked that Daniel & Sko even came along! Thanks for your support guys!

Credit goes to bestie Rachel for bringing them as well

We came downstairs after Mr. Mark’ class quite early and they were still preparing the meals for lunchtime. Hohoho… Imagine what caught my eye?

I saw Albert making fire instead!
And.. certain people were actually sitting on GAS TANKS???!!??
What if it blows up if you release your natural Methane Gases?

Sweetheart was preparing something while Izzat was wiping the plate

How much does it cost me, Mr. Cashier-WaiHoong?

I can’t read your sign language.. umm, two bucks?
FAT hope. LOL

It rocks being the Chef de Cuisine’s babygurl as I get an extra portion and a lil bit of everything to taste! Yummy!
Thankfully no one saw but.. oh dang, I just mentioned it. Hopefully, Chef Darren doesn’t read my blog hun. =P

So here they are!

And our favorite, the grand finale…

*psst* When do you think my birthday is hun?
I forgot.

my babes and my obsession
(if you can’t see it, you’re prolly visually impaired
as I’ve already emphasized it)

Verdict? Well.. It was all yummy except that the first batch of it were not really warm. Prolly cos you guys made it and by the time all of our meals arrived at the same time, it gotten a lil cold.

Joyce prolly had alot to say on her evaluation form! =D

Anyway, it’s not fair that lil sis & mom got the hot & warm crispy ones!
=( And we already left *snorts*

But overall, from a general point of view,
Kudos sweetheart~!
♥ ♥ you know I’m always rooting for ya


to the V.I.Ps of the day

who applied leave
came all the way!

A red carpet walkway for you buddies!