Who shares my passion for Subway? None other than one of my besties , Joycie! =D

We keep making Subway our choice of meals & deliberately asked the staff if they had extra Subway coupons to give us -_-” The chance was taken and yeah! The extra coupons are in our hands *sniggers*

For those of my pals who have heard nuts about Subway, it’s time to perk those ears of yours & listen well. =D

They serve 6inch & a footlong sandwich filled with stupendous fillings of your choice, the sandwich of your choice, the veggies of your choice and the dressings ALSO of your choice!

p.s – and it’s really fast too
p.p.s – the soft dough cookie is to die for!! ^_^

cookie monster at work

So yeah as expected, we Subway fanatics headed to the Subway branch in Gurney Tower (there’s one in E-Gate too) to indulge in our faves.

I couldn’t help but to capture it in motion

Yummm.. another addition to make it complete is the cookies!

So quick, get out your house keys, car keys, bike keys, leg keys, whatever keys and munch on Subway!!!!

It rocks. period