What could play as the ultimate breakfast, lunch & dinner? I don’t know about you; as far as I’m concerned, Subway is numero uno!
(which is Spanish for Number One)

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Just the mere mere mention of Subway makes me smile. Often, lunch breaks are spent in Subway, suppers are spent in Subway, dinners and the like are also spent in Subway. Good meals are incomplete without the people that matters most, hence the wonderful company =)

You are now stepping underground into a subway of delicious delicacies!
The cookies can be balanced on noses with or without the full moon.

The CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies are malevolent & needs a vicious female slayer to render it harmless

The Subway sandwiches are yummy enough to make people greedy



hahaha. I don’t give a rat’s ass even if they don’t pay me for this eccentric advertising.

what are you still doing at home?
Head down to Subway! =D