It was our 1st field trip! Hurrah! Well, we were supposed to have many field trips for other subjects prior to this sememster but it didn’t exactly work out due to some circumstances. =/

So, I was naturally excited about this one! Oh but before we hit Campbell Street, we hung out with our classmates.. at Papa’s Pizza and at WhiteBox. (LOL. Denise’s house to be exact) The pizza was great………

but Joyce, myself, Karyn & Ragu ordered pasta instead. Which was also great, although the portion was too much for our stomachs to handle =)

Anyway, remember I mentioned WhiteBox? haha.. yeah, that’s because she has this karaoke set in her living hall and the songs are pretty good actually! There’s a mixture of old and new songs.. but Lynn chose most of the sadsad emo songs and we kept teasing her ‘whyy ssso emo’ haha.

Oh btw, someone’s missing.. where’s another one of our classmate Ivan?? =/ He was absent today

Mel & Ken (I think they were dueting some Boyzone song)

Joyce & I just before we left

Heading straight there, we were greeted by this signature arch..
..and thats when we knew we’ve reached Campbell Street of Penang

Which way? Left?

We went altogether and then Joyce & I went ahead to capture pictures of our own. We snapped lotsa stuff that we felt was picture worthy, there was a gargoyle carving on the top of a building and a beautiful view of KOMTAR from a certain angle and so on..

Some of the shots I took:

itchieeeee dog… anjing gatal!

busy streets & its patrons

managed to capture this in the nick of time
(oh and if you look closely enough, their sandals actually match)

now this is a glue-sniffer loitering around the streets
looking for ‘customers’ if you know what I mean

and many more picture worthy shots.

Of course, there were some snaps of my classmates and I as well. This is Rina, doesn’t she look simply adorable in that jumpsuit? Is that what it’s called? Or overalls? Whatever it is, it sure looks cute on her

These peeps are Leo & Mike, they’re wacky I tell you! They produce good & comical videos too, Kuih Ka Pek productions or summin’ like that =)

It was a great field trip and we got back to college safely with Ivan and his yellow buggy =) Thanks pal!

“buh-bye peeps!!”

umm… thanks but.. go fix your eyelashes, woman.