What happens when you happen to be in a picture that wasn’t intended to include you?

When all timezones sync and suddenly you realize that your timing and the shutter speed of the camera coincide?

Simply spontaneous –

It all happened so suddenly. I was capturing a photo of Nesh & Momen when they started to burst out laughing & moved their heads away from each other. That was the exact moment when I pressed the button!

And the poor poor man was captured in my shot.

We spent the whole time laughing so much and somehow I think the poor man knew what we were laughing about


And what happens when you’re trying to prove your point about something nonsensical when the person opposite is testing out a camera?

You get this:

What if you have secret admirer for the past two years in college which coincidentally managed to be caught on camera?

Papparazzi attack!

As he gazed at him..
so close yet so far, wondering when their eyes would ever meet
or if he would ever take notice of him