Laden with 259 photos of the event even after filtering them, I proceeded to filter them even more to make this post as concise and jam-packed as I could. Imagine squeezing 49 slices of wholemeal bread into a fruit blender.

If you’ve been following my blog, most of you would’ve already
seen this krazy teaser post [HERE!HERE]
Don’t miss that one!

I didn’t exactly waste much time in deciding what I wanted to go as for the Standout costume party simply because I know that I’ll be dressing somewhere along the lines of darkness and evil. For all costume parties, I’ve marked it as my signature alter ego.

Joseph was decked in something similar too.
We hail from the dark side… Edward Scizzorhands FTW
(I watched the movie 3 times and cried)

Got there around 8pm (very late iknowright) with my date of the night, theboyfie. We looked around for familiar faces of our SSgang and other close buddies. And there they are!

4/14 of the SSgang

Notice how gals have an affinity to the camera
while the guys.. -cough- ok nvm kthxbai

Funny picture from a wrong angle

My fave drunktards with unopened bottles
Randomly, my 78 year old grandpappy loves Tiger
And I love my grandpappy.

Okay since these two are quite the biggies in my life, here’s another one :

I will not hesitate to severe your necks though

I wasn’t really into the game that was being played on the stage. Something somewhat related to bidding and such, right? I heard many contestants yelling away. Anyway, cheers to one of the winners!


I caught sight of another interesting (and very annoyingly neon) game that was played on the stage. Two contestants had to bind their head with a pink pantyhose and play tug-of-war with it.

Siamese twins conjoined at the head with a pink jugular vein

Many other bloggers, guys and gals alike, were there dressed to impress as well. I guess we were all vying for that grand prize. /grins
Or rather just felt like going with the theme of the Standout party?

Myself + the gals
I loved Angela’s red vintage look

Myself around courageous Spartans

All in our individual elements of character

I liked how I yelled Thomas’ name and he reacted with such an unorthodox yet hilarious expression. Glad I shot it in the nick of time!

Gosh! Is there like, sand in your boxers or something?

YAY for Kristine! She’s in my fave colors too.
So the both of us = black red white.

My my.. gold?
Whoa. I admit defeat hands down!

Jojo was apprehended by us as well.
Can’t escape the chains and rifle now, can you babe?

Hmmm.. you -cough-
look like you are preparing your ‘gun’ for some action with us chicks

Wait a sec-
Is the macho Spartan carrying that teddy?

omigoosh. Don’t bring shame to Sparta!
King Leonidas will NOT be pleased if he sees this

This fella has one thorny head!
His sharp and pointy hair made its way directly into my eye.
Talk about ouch.

Two gurls with a very bewildered looking KY

Also, I randomly noticed how he happens to be in so many pictures of mine with other bloggers. Remember I told you about it, KY? Now you can see it for yourself LOL

Check ’em out:

When Kim & I camwhored,
KY was grinnng in the background


When Karena, Zoe and I stopped to grab a piccie,
KY was staring into space behind us

Such a coincidence, no? Well anyways, here’s one of him in the foreground

KY, SuAnn & I

JizzHou (inside joke. Don’t ask wtf) and Anne proceeded to bring death upon the Angel of Death herself. Funny how he almost strangled me with my chains as it was coiled around my neck. Contrary to assumptions, those are real brass chains. Not some hollow toy-chains made outta plastic.

A kick and a decapitation attempt

Alrightey, I so do not have a fetish for older men but here goes :

I think Tiger’s Marketing Manager is pretty damn cool
Heck, he’s sucha good sport!

The mst outstanding queen and king goes to respectively :

Joseph | male category

Griza | female category

Oh and for being an awesome sport and one heck of a laughing stock of us all, this will go down in history man! Don’t miss [this picture] and for doing that, you won yourself a…

Mini bolster and a pacifier wtf

It was also a double celebration that very night, it was the birthday of our Nuffnang co-founder, Tim! Isn’t it great to be also celebrating together with your whole motley crew? /grins

With post-it notes stuck on you by all your fellow bloggers,
I bet it’s a night to remember!

The party finally came to an end, we then took more final shots before we left :

The 18th century captain meets the angel of death

Many many supperhunters!
A similar group photo with a larger amount of people can be found

And where did we adjourn to thereafter?

And we all went down down to SS2 to grab some bites from Murni. Imagine, 52 bloggers on 18 joint-tables having an “after-party” bonding session in a mamak? First time in recorded history! Two thumbs up for us, mates!