Alright, here’s the deal. I’ve been up to something for the past 3 months and it finally ended with a bang! Yeah.. never did reveal ANYTHING from the auditions to the rehearsals and yes even the concert!

On 11th of June, I went for the Shakespeare’s – A Midsummer Night’s Dream auditions and was casted as the Amazonian Warrior Queen by the name of Hippolyta!

My shady screen character
♥ her

That’s Henry & Mariake during auditions
He got casted as Flute the bellowsman & she as Philostrate my “butler”

Soon after, I arrived at the Regency, Gurney Drive at the directors house for our 1st cast meeting… goodness gracious there were so many people! Yeah, one can sometimes get the jitters from that.

and that’s not even the entire cast yet

And soon, week after week it was rehearsals non-stop

Director Ian Kerr coordinating a scene

And pretty soon, all of us clicked so well! No more bashfulness for me… wheeeeee

Director Ian Kerr turned out to be such a jolly good fellow!
He’s really patient and such a nice man

I made fast friends with 13year-old Vanessa who got casted as one of the fairies. We always go for suppers together after the rehearsals and camwhore around the swimming pool area

Thanks Van~

After 2months plus of rehearsals, the night is coming!


Closer to the date, the props and other misc-en-scene were all being constructed on the stage in preparations for the event


Nice arse. Who’s that anyway? =P

To ensure we were all familiar with the stage & the settings, rehearsals were then held at Dewan Sri Pinang itself. Gosh, the stage was so darn huge compared to our usual practice place.

and we continued rehearsing and rehearsing…

..and rehearsing and rehearsing

The throne where my duke Theseus and I will be sitting

Ian got really really stressed on the night before the show everyone was too

Some of the cast of our drama

As we were warriors, my duke Theseus and I get to carry swords around with us. and ZOMG those are real swords we had!!

Yes, Marieke it’s sharp.. checkin it out?

I also had to get a scorpion “tattoo” for my character!


Yep, and we’re all done!

Mighty Duke of Athens & his Amazonian Warrior Queen

Ya know what’s strange? I feel we resemble pirates rather than warriors =P

The Fairy Queen, one of the fairies and I


I’m glad I got casted as the warrior Queen, cos she has quite a dark & strong character and that, I like.
Seriously, I can never imagine playing the dainty and cute dancing fairies.


(yes. I know I look disasterous in the wedding gown)
I cannot believe I ended up getting married to him… he’s such a donkey.
If you’re reading this Han, blekkkkkk *hugs*

Ahh yes, this is more like it.
No more humongous fluffy layer-cake
puffy white gown.

When it was all over, we managed to raise a hell lot of money for the Mount Miriam Hospital. They needed it to buy their cancer-cell destroying thingamajig.
Now, that’s what I call CHARITY WITH FUN!

to those who came to support & watch the show!

For pictures of us all during the drama, I will have to wait until
the photographer burns it for me. Then, I promise to upload them!