Birthdays and more birthdays!

Speaking of which, mine is in another 2 more months!! Arghh.. I’m turning 19! This chick is getting older and older, which also means my blogging activities is about 4 years old.

One of my closest friends Nadiah’s moods to celebrate her burfday was dampened due to certain circumstances. But no way Imma let her get through her 19th without an event =) So together with her classmates (and lecturer), we worked a plan.

Hence, Chilis 7.30pm!

Of good food and yummy delights….

It was fun scuttling all around level 2 of my campus with a life-sized birthday card just to get everyone’s signature on it.. without getting spotted by her. Thanks to all her classmates that collaborated with me by coming up with lotsa nonsense like:

Nads, come toilet with me?
Nads, Mr. Irwan wants to see you.

Nads, let’s go downstairs for some snacks?

And whaddafukkkkkk when I saw her coming out of the MassComm office just as I was entering to get the lecturers’ signatures. Like a convict charged of murder, I dashed to the fire escape and stayed in hiding until she left.

LOL. That was hilarious, and finally everyone’s signature was on the card.

That’s Nads present from Momen. Life-sized too.

I apologize for the picture. Godawful angle and omfg is that your fingertip on the upper left of the picture?? Goodness me, if there was a cause for training waiters on how to take good group photographs, I’d sign you up dude xD


itsy bitsy shots of the night –

Momen de Vain with his ‘The Rock’ eyebrows.
How I wish I could stab him with the fork =P

OMG Kat I love your piercing.

Special delivery for Nadiah Allaudin: Life-sized card!

Naina photographing while being photographed

Glad you could make it Ruby!

Nope, we don’t look alike despite what everyone says.

Nad’s real burfday date was spent with her family. Hope you had a swell birthday babe!!