Doing the honours of sending people to the airport really sucks.

Reason being, you have to be the one to send them off and seeing their bags checked, their tickets prepared and the worst part? Seeing them walk off, dragging their luggage behind them to a section that you can’t have access to.

And before you know it, this means goodbye.

You smile but beneath you is a wave of pain.

10 days have passed and finally bestie Rachel is back with us last night! I didn’t feel the pain as much when I sent Uncle Tenny off. Because very coincidentally, Rach’s return flight & Unc Tenny’s leave flight were the same night and almost the same time.
So it was like a parting and a welcoming in return. =)

This doesn’t only apply for flights in airports – bus stations as well. Instead of the leaver walking into a ‘flight-attendees only’ section, the leaver is on the bus exchanging farewell glances with you.

The butts of those two asses are still away from us.
Sheesh. =/

As the folks were still around last nite, it was expected of me not to go out chillin’. So as I was half-asleep & fuming under my pillow, I received a call from Rach that she had already arrived safely and Vinz had already picked her up.

When I asked, it was a good thing they weren’t hungry.

Where else then?
It felt like we haven’t seen each other in ages and I won’t be available today so we hung out at the comfort of my crib. She bought back a dozen donuts!

I was rather hesitant to consume any of them but when we opened the box, ZOMFG!!!!!! =0

Sitting before me, was a wide array of different flavoured donuts.

This is only ONE box. The other box was being devoured by us gluttons.

Believe me when I say they looked as tempting as a year’s supply of Tequilas & Baileys on the rocks. For the non-alchs, it is as tempting as a years supply of tickets to Las Vegas. *gasp*

My personal faves were the Tiramisu, Almond & Dark Chocolate ones. Rach’s faves was the green chocolate mint one. The colour sorta turned me off, but when I tried it, OOOHHLALA~~

We ate like nobody’s business and boy, it was lovely!
Somehow in my opinion, I feel this beats Dunkin’ Donuts but I don’t know about you peeps. So….

…. what’s your take?