Shouters unite!!

Although some of them couldn’t make it, a handful of us could.

we can sing
we can sing
we can sing
we can shout

As I was having my Photo Communication class, I couldn’t exactly make it as well so I was just stuck in class chatting with Charleskey & William about photographs…when suddenly the Photo Comm lecturer looked at my screen. Shyt, I shouldn’t be chatting! He was actually in the middle of teaching us photo enhancing on Photoshop. Sorry Aaron!

So an hour before 6, he dismissed the class early and I got to know from my sweetheart that the outing was still on. Woo-hoo! I’m still in time!

But I knew I had to leave early as I had to attend a musical in Dewan Sri Pinang mana tau di-label by KX as ‘late comer & early-leaver’ in the same category with Cedric & Jason. *sigh* Malangnye kami

We had fun while singing ESPECIALLY when Cedric did his thang to Beyonce and Nicole Sherzinger…. follow the booty shaker!

Oh Gavin Chew! Behave!

Be like KX please? He’s cool as a cucumber.. see?

We had a great time screaming our lungs out and when we got outta tune…. (EWW) but hey, it’s all about fun no? =) haha…

The people who made it, no matter leaving early or coming late XP

From L-R: Wendy, Gav, Benjie&Jessie, Pippo, KX, Jason

Had a fun time singing & SHOUTING (literally) with ya’ll peeps today!! Here’s to more activities! Oh, what was it again? SO outing at Crown Jewel & Kerachut? Lupa la dei Firewire….

Nevermind. I assume he’ll remind us later =)

Now, Angeline! Let them do the membody-body kan talk