They say dogs are man’s best friend

I say it’s a matter of opinion


But this dog is so hard to resist cuddling with!

So is this bee-yotch :

I remember back in 2004, sweetheart used to say,“Don’t give me the puppy eyes” Tee-hee.

Cos you know you always give in to me when I give you my ‘puppy eyes’ look. You still do! =D

Here, the real puppy eyes for you Hunny!

But somehow or rather, I have always had an eerie liking towards black cats

Daniel’s black cat.
I simple adore it.

(I think this is my alter-ego of an emo speaking. Ignore me.)

Anyhow, cats are my faves. They’re adorable… but sneaky at the same time. See? The felines have a mind of their own.

Walking with such poise & elegance
with its tail up in the air
(even by the drain)

Regardless of many old wives’ tale, it still stands today that dogs & cats CAN co-exist in harmony. =D

So can dogs & hamsters!
That’s my lil Furby & Uncle Mike’s dog

So can hamsters & humans!

Doesn’t she look extremely amused by my lil Furby’s antics?

um.. speaking of co-existance,

so can grandmas & fried chicken

hohoho. That’s my granny.
She doesn’t ALWAYS look like that but she’s still my rockin’ granny!

And if co-existance gets a lil outta hand, they merge & conjoin into..

Gorilla-human creatures!
Where the evolution of man goes backwards

oh and if any female apes are turned on by the likes of this strange creation of mine, this is Kit Shaun, my adorable yet socially retarded cousin

(oops, shaun I know you’re reading this. *yikes* You know I love you!)

And so you’ve seen Furby my lil hamster. My lil hamster which I bought for a Science project back in High School. And no, it wasn’t meant to be dissected, you horrible beast. What were you thinking? =D

Ahh, memories of the lil ball of fur
(hence the name – Furby)

Makes me miss it so very much.

For he was a jolly good fellow hamster

He used to always answer the telephone for me..

He used to sit patiently on the towel for my return from school

And above all, he appreciated all my works of art

All my love, Furby.
I’m sure sweetheart misses you as well.
(if you have forgotten Hunn, you used to over-feed it and you won’t stop unless I scream my head off)

All in all, despite all loves & kisses for your beloved animals, they can seriously be a pain in the …. (let the picture do the talking)

you know where.

Yes, dear E.T (that’s short for Extra Terrestrial) I borrowed your sweet & sour arse for display on my blog.

You can ask Uncle Mike to let you see it
(because you OBVIOUSLY cannot see your own ass. It is, after all, physically impossible)

Will give you credit for that, fatso

Stay indoors when it rains cats & dogs yo’