Isn’t it lovely when your name is seen as an acronym of something big, or either adopted by someone else? It sure is. =)

What about having your name on your car registration plate, just like how they do it in the U.S? They have a choice of what their plates will say.

I wonder how much this would cost –

Pretty cool huh?

But we Malaysians have to make the best of the coincidental occasions.
Among the ones I’ve seen around Malaysia are

PEN15 – penis

KRI515 – krisis

NAJ15 – najis

TAH1 – tahi

PAR71 – party

BAR69 – *do i need to explain this? lol*

and a few more which I can’t remember.

And it’s also pretty cool if you actually get your name on it. Like:

TAN 8055

So guess what, check out summin’ I captured when out on the roads!



For those not in the loop, my name is Jessica & my guy’s name is Benjamin
wow! pretty lucky


I wonder how much it’ll be for us to buy those registration plates in the future!