Ever wondered whats the point of hiking, working out, gymming, jogging and other cardiovascular related activities?
Yes, to have fun, banish a sedentary lifestyle & to keep the heart pumpin’ healthily.
Then, we are on the right track =)

Over the hills and far away.. i spy..

But if the main point is to lose weight or to burn calories, then I must say that
my buddies & I have been hiking & working out for no darn reason!!

My hike to Penang National Park all the way up & down to Kerachut Beach was one of a kind. We stopped and looked at all the wonders of Mother Nature. It’s a good thing I have a fellow photography enthusiast as well for a change cos’ it kinda like, sucks when I’m always the photographer all our activities. =/

So hurrah for us & our picturesque photos!
As promised, here are some of the the abundant gifts of nature:

The rest are in my Facebook album. Check it out – here So we had our silly & adventurous fun for the whole day – 5 hours in total till we arrived at the foot of the hill.
It was already evening!!
Suddenly omfg my phone vibrated like it had a mind of its own and guess what? 28 missed calls and 8 messages.


So here’s something for my loves:

Sorry mum, dad & kakak Sorry hubby! Made you guys so worried about me. my thousand apologies!

Anyhow, we went on the nature escapade and it was well worth it. After so much leaening, I have just grew more love for outdoor adventures! It’s such a wonder to be able to experience new sights and sounds and of course, honing my sense of adventure.
That’s me on the right with the big yellow schoolbus… oops, I mean, backpack.

It’s steep at certain parts & alright at some

After the (not-so-strenuous-because-we-stopped-to-take-a-gazillion-pix) hike we rewarded ourselves with a nice lil picnic with the finger-food we brought up

Food in the sand, or sand in the food???

And why did I say it was pointless in burning calories???
The pictures are self-explanatory :

Look at the greedypigssssss =P