Congratulations to our Malaysian team of football players! I’ve just received good news from my footie fan buddies who went to Bukit Jalil to watch their 90-minute match. Man Utd vs. Malaysia’s final score was astounding!

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I bet it has drawn much jubilation and pleasant (not to mention, shocking) surprises that the final score was an amazing 3-2 ! Yes you read right.


Looks like this squad has much progressed from the previous score of 6-0 in 2002! Kudos fellow Malaysians, you have done us proud!

And no, I reckon it wasn’t a bribery or things like that as opposed to what a friend of mine mentioned. Amri Yahya the Striker, did a superb attack to make Malaysia’s 1st goal against Man Utd today.

And guess what? I guess the Man Utd. ain’t gonna settle with that.
Manchester United is taking on Malaysia for a 2nd match this 20th July 2009 at 8.45pm. Stadium Bukit Jalil is where you want to be. There’s gonna be another showdown for us all!

How do you attend that match?

Fans from UK & Indonesia can actually exchange your tickets for the match in Indonesia to receive a new ticket to watch the match in KL. To attend, just exchange it at the counter at Bukit Jalil Stadium’s Green Gate from 12pm-7pm on the match day itself.


Go to Nike Stores & buy your tickets!

sad smileys

For the love of.. MALAYSIA!
(or Man U. heh)