I haven’t had sucha good time with my close friends for the longest time. Been away from home for 3 months and boy I miss hangin’ out with theloves. I’ll make this 1 week back in Penang worth every single day.

Reached home late at night yesterday, driving under the heavy rain all the way back home. Wet, but happy nonetheless. Miss them to bits since I’ve been away working & writing my butt off.

Buddies who have read my Tweets will already know that I was :
“having massages, indulging in chocolate cheesecakes &
laughing at old pics with the bffs”

We headed to this rather cosy place in Tg. Bungah, Penang to get ourselves a full body massage. Perfectly just what we needed after much stress and lethargy. I needed to get some bones a-cracking!

Ouch. Like seriously whoooompaloooompa!

Minny was shrieking almost every single time and I was laughing at her. Ralph could hear it all in the next room (when he was having an intimately relaxing moment with his butt exposed by another Indonesian lady massaging him) It was all until the lady made my backbone go KRAKKKKK

oh my.

We then bought chocolate brownies, cheesecakes and choux puffs for some sinful indulgences. Seriously, you wont catch us having these every other day.

Stuff ’em all in yo

And what could be better than Penang food in Penang itself? Yeah, no offense but I’ve seen multiple ‘Penang Laksa’ or ‘Penang Char Koay Teow’ stalls in KL which doesn’t quite taste the bit. Well, I guess that’s the closest you can get to delights of Penang!


oh by the way


If you look hard enough, there’s a clue in my picture above
Guess guess!

Ah forget it. I’ll tell you anyway.


Go Google ‘Halogen’ if you don’t remember studying about Halogen Gasses in Chemistry when you were in High School.

We also had Bruschetta, not Penang-ish at all but ohwells.


It was really cool that SuTing had a fish-eye camera. But it ain’t digital, so you have to wind it before every shot and wait for the film to develop before you can see any of your piccies.

Pretty, no?

She bought it from Melbourne and it costed AUS120$. But it’s a pretty good steal, for something as cool as that. We had fun playing with it till the other tables were intrigued as well.

Here’s us stupidly trying to take a fish-eye picture using a digital camera and shooting it through the lens of her fish-eye camera. Apparently it failed and it doesn’t look fish-eye at all! Now, whose bright idea was that? ROARR.

Randomly, I feel like buying a lomo camera.