Mr. Ken: Be at Lvl. 7 tomorrow at noon sharp, Jess.
Jess: For?
Mr. Ken: It’s an audition for shooting a corporate video for KDU. Jess: *raises eyebrows* Who else is going?
Mr. Ken: A few people that I’ve chosen.. so go , alright?
umm.. kayyyy?

After the above conversation took place, I was half wondering what I was actually supposed to do tomorrow. What does Mr. Ken want? Well, the only thing is to wait until the next day to find out.

I was late.. very late but when I saw the people sweating profusely waiting for their turn, thank God I was late. =P Well, well, guess who were there? My friends Derry, Alvin, Juri, Steph, Janine, Sandhya, Ngiap Li and a few others.

It bored us to tears while waiting and all we could do was chitchat and endure the heat in that room with little ventilation.
Took a few piccies together..

Frm L-R: Myself, Juri, Derry & Alvin
(we were the last few ones left waiting for our turn)

This is Kim Juri from H&T dept. I think she’s really pretty, oh and she’s Korean too!
Juri is really sweet and I bet others think so as well – she’s the winner for Miss KDU 2oo7 f.y.i!

So yeah, it was over and done with pretty soon. The woman was so chirpy it really made things fun

When it was over, I was late for Radio Class! But Mr. Ken was later than everyone else, so none of us were considered late =)

We learned the sound editing software – Protools
It wasn’t difficult, as in difficult but there sure was a whole lot to remember!!