KDU Ball is now over and done with – and so is the work! Hmm.. how did it go? The food sucked but apart from that, the night was good nonetheless.

The Student Council, performers and KDU Idols had to reach Equatorial Hotel
by 4pm.
Damn, which means we gotta get all our hair and make-up done waaaayyy beforehand.

So yeah, here we are at Artistic Hair Saloon

Poor Cindy, Jazz is trying to screw her head.
LOL that sounds wrong

When it was my turn, I wanted something punkish, chic yet feminine at the same time. So, this was what the hairstylist did for me. MElikes.

Back View

Front View

Somehow, I have a wee bit feeling that it looks like a chicken’s backside.

The best part was, I was so surprised to see that the hairstylist was my very old friend who moved here and opened his hair saloon! Talk about coincidence! ahahaha

So yeah, SuYuan and I camwhored & surfed the net while waiting for the rest of them

Hmm. our hairstyles are almost alike

We went back to my house to get our make-up done

A shot of me in my room
(yeah, I wore a buttoned-blouse cos it’s easier to change
into my dress later, thanks for the tip gurl~!)

And then we hit the road! Equatorial Hotel here we come!

It was great that we got a room all to ourselves, for the KDU Ball crew to change, do make-up and put our stuff in.

We’re all set and ready!

I left the room early and went downstairs to check out the ballroom and everything going on with the performers and last minute stuff. And of course, grabbed the chance to photograph everything before the night began

And all this were happening before everyone arrived :

The immaculate hotel steward & stewardess

Untouched, unused

Performers getting high in spirit

KDU Idol contestant getting her hair done

The whole set of photographs will be in my flickR soon.

I also took a walk outside, to the reception area

Cool ice-sculpture
Ice cool, no? =D

We had all the time in the world due the typical Malaysian time; most of the guests arrived late. So we camwhored before the event began :

The EmCees & I

The band ‘5 Months 2 December’ and I
Hey, this chick knows the name of your band!
(think D12’s – My Band chorus)

Chef Darren & I
Head Lecturer – Dept. of Culinary Arts

Diana and I
Usher of Penang’s Deputy Chief Minister

ZOMG Justin came back for prom!
and double ZOMG this lady is taller than me!

The night began with a terrific opening dance by our very own Dance & Music Club.

and when I say terrific, I mean

till everybody collapsed

They took 4-5 months to rehearse.
Well done peeps!
Yes, it was THAT good & synchronized

5Months 2December entertained us throughout the night.
I loved your take on The Cranberries – Zombie

And finally, the food arrived. The presentation was delightful and the manner it is served was too! All done in protocol
Unfortunately, it only LOOKS nice.

Yup.. nice indeed, but ONLY to the eye.

You can ask ANYONE. And they will agree.

More camwhore piccies:

Mr. Ken and I

In between two hot LBD ladies

Mass Commers with lecturer Ms Ruby

Apart from being the photographer, my job was also to usher KDU Principal Dr. Chong Beng Keok up on stage to give her speeches

ZOMG why are we wearing (almost) the same dress

and also to be one of the people in-charge of the lucky draws & table draws

that stupid box was actually heavy, believe it or not.

Congrats Kumar!
Eh, what did you get?

There was however, a table who particularly won the table draws and lucky draws four times! INCLUDING THE GRAND PRIZE! *stares in jealousy*

these are part of those lucky asses =)

Fat’s friends and I
look at Ee Wei’s glasses!

And then there was a staff performance. Something very rare to be seen but yesssss… our very own lecturers were selected to be on stage to sing the KDU Anthem.

(KDU had an ANTHEM????)

Nice imaginary mike you’re holding, Mr. Ken
Singing from the bottom of your heart?
(yeah… right)

even MORE camwhore piccies:

student council head Jazz & me Jess



Part of the Student Council
Where’s the other four???????

Naina & I backstage


The KDU Idol contestants competed and put their best foot forward during their performance. Supporters yelled, cheered and clapped all the way but somehow, the dancers garnered more noise than the singers.

Buddy Joyce belting out a Chinese number

Dancer Kid

Dancer MC


Finally, the KDU Idol of 2008 was announced. The top three were pretty predictable but once they were announced, the competition became even stiffer. and… the.. winner.. was…….. *drumroll*



from the Dept. of Mass Communications

She sang and danced ‘Sway’ by the PussyCat Dolls
Congratulations, gurl!

When it was all over, bestie Joyce and I camwhored for a lil while.
Although she didn’t win, I’m still proud of her for digging deep into her guts to join this competition. *hugs* You don’t have to win, to be a winner to me!

You go, gurl~!

SuYuan, Joyce and I with poor Edmond squatting down

Post-prom, we hit the dance floor and boogied down with the dancers and the emcees!

Mass Commers on the dance floor!

Sweetheart then came to chauffeur me home. Goodnight all, I guess it’s time to remove all those annoying bobby pins, rubber bands and glitter from my hair.

I might need some help =)

Hmmm, now where did he go? *smirks*