Time for some guilty pleasures! Moments with a group of my best buddies here when I’m so far away from home. We often meet up a few times for gatherings annually, as some of our kakis aren’t residing in KL or Malaysia.

Dim Sum in the morning! FML I despise mornings. I find waking up at an unearthly hour on a Saturday morning by the blaring sound of the alarm clock a pain in the you-know-where.

You guys will prolly kill me after seeing this but but but
I know you’ll still love me all the same!
scuba diving

No worries yea? There’ll be a compensation for ya’ll… of me with my mouth open greedily just like you *grumbles*

So we headed down to DJ for some morning DimSum… who could miss sucha bright yellow corner of a building along the street?

Shot this at a wide angle from my solitary position
It’s the Jin Xuan Dim Sum shop!

Despite finding waking up in the early morning a wretch, I woke up anyway as you can see. *biggrin* Only for the sake of fellowship with ’em SSloves of course!


For this 5th SSgathering, we initially had a very ambitious plan of a BBQ night in Port Dickson and then staying for the weekend. But due to the wretched epidemic of everyone falling sick, some of us caught the bug as well and barbequed food is definitely a no-no for recovering peeps.

So the tribe has spoken and this time, it’s down to the 8 of us.


Of chopsticks and dumplings?
Let the games begin.


So now you have us, the 8peeps who could make it for this round
The rest of de gang, come join us next time!
scuba diving

When the 1st round of food came, it’s time for our nom-nom session!

Hungry lads

The couple of the century
like, yeah. Seriously!

*Gobble gobble gobble*

Better be fast! We eat with the speed of light

Vendearie & I

Cathy & Chris asking for more!

Chris having sand in his pants after not getting what he wanted
(okay, I made that up. muahaha)

Despite waking up so early in the morning
I think I can pull off a happy face too?
scuba diving in South Africa

United – hand in hand with a plate of Dim Sum

I especially liked the yam cakes, egg tarts and the broth. Chee Cheong Fun tasted alright too! And the yellow Dim Sum is yummy, I love it but can never seem to remember its Chinese name.

God knows why they always do that since our 1st gathering

Be a good little TeckWeng and stay with your woman okay?
sara campbellDO NOT come near my man.

Ducclebears & I

I spotted something that looks goooooood

I think they have something in their mouths
Chewing halfway!

Okay fine. I know you’re still waiting for this. I’m fair and square! Did not forget okayyyyy. *clears throat* As a punishment of editing the 1st photo together, I now present you..

My unglam moment as well
Hey stop shoving food in my direction!
We camwhored a little on our way out :

much love Cathydear!

This photo is horribly unfocused but I like the fun in it

When we all exited the Dim Sum restaurant. It was time for a breakdown. Guess how much our bill was? With the superb mental calculation of stepsunny YingYang, ducclebears Josh and smellyexpired Cheez, our bill was affirmatively RM123.40


scuba diving 1234 scuba diving
Any superstitious peeps in for a lottery?

We bid our goodbyes and exchanged our hugs & kisses just like always.

character smileys Nooooo! Not like that!
(Check out the child in the background)

Unlike us babes *cough*
We are slightly less PG13 in public! WASP Diving Knife
(You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors)

Yes dudes. You heard that right.

Bloated. Talk about a friggin’ heavy breakfast

Here’s another one for our collection! Since the beginning and as usual, I have done our family photo. Out of lovvvee babeh… out of lovvveee.

animated smileys

Till our next gathering!