BEFORE anyone of you start thinking that I’ve been abducted and bitten by rabies-infected residents (yes, I’ve watched Quarantine) you’re wrong.

Truth is, I’ve been bitten by retarded and asymmetrical looking stuffed toys.

So here’s the juicy lil bit of preview of my week-long KayElle holiday
The full story will come in episodes!

I’ve been up and about and all around Kay Elle which makes me pretty much a street bug already. The place? You name it. I’ve been there! Woots! Been on cabbies, LRTs, cars and of course the trusty ol’ bus eleven. ^_^

But sadly, not on the nasty Harley’s.

Kid in Big City
The night is still young!

I even met my lecturer Mr. Mark Felix in the Pavillion as well, and a coursemate Dasha in The Curve. So yeah, two Penangites so far that I’ve bumped into.


ohh.. young indeed


Oh. Which reminds me.
I still have a brand new Wyborowa Vodka safely kept on my bedhead.

It’s too precious to be opened.


Headed to an indoor rainforest too; could anyone take a guess where?
It’s easy =P

So yeah, even to say that I’ve been enjoying my head off would be an understatement. It was such a ride! And, there’s so much more to come. wheeeee~~


Wooooo~ I’m not the most excellent bowler among us, trust me. Oh and this may sound friggin’ bimbotic but…. I BROKE A FRIGGING NAIL, CAN? -____-” make that THREE nails. *sigh* and it hurts.


Apart from all the night outs, I love being awaken in the morning being greeted by such a serene view, mother nature in its glorious simplicity. mmmmm~

Grabbed piccies with the immortal – The Gold Man

I honestly do not find the joy of being decked in gold glitter just to be a form of entertainment
But still, he rocks!


However, I had my emo moments too. Emptiness. Today, for example. Taking an empty LRT back home – the loneliness.. not just in the train, as that’s just a metaphor of the real thing. T_T


Camwhored and bunked in a state-of-the-art apartment unit with unique interior decor. *cough* I know somebody’s ego will be bursting at its banks even more than the Nile River *cough* bangga or not I praise your apartment? AAHAAHAHAHHAA

If you realized, the piccies in this post is only with me in it. Owells, cos I just love holding the suspense of revealing all the awesome people that I’ve been hanging out with – from friends, to family and many loved ones. <3>