OMFG. My title for this blogpost sounds terribly wrong on all levels. Only the twisted minds will get it. Argh.


When you’re all worked up and brain-dead from the busy city life, an escapade to the great divine is what you need. Heck, not like I’m achieving Nirvana or anything but,
Loreal gave me an awesome experience in a cottage placed right-smack in the middle of a forest reserve.

A coach came to ferry the whole lot of us off to the deep depths of the jungle. They even have their very own ride. Pretty cool, no?

It was a flippin’ long ride, if I have to say so myself. God bless iPods. I brought buddy Zhao along with me. Hey, it’s always better to bring a pal along.
-cough- Company works too, lest the iPod gets busted.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!

Okay, the journey was really long. Like, very long. I could prolly finish a 2 whole other blog posts by the end of the ride. The whole lot of us were practically the only ones on the highway other than one or two other vehicles; yeah it was THAT secluded.

Aight, time to mark my territory!
Nah, kidding

The last time I actually vandalized something in public was when I was 15 : my school bus stop (whoops. Gimme a dimerit point then) and the public telephone booth. Uh-huh. Did some tiny graffiti of my name… and I’m not ashamed. *grins* Hee.

Random doodles at it’s finest.

I was also given a test tube upon arrival. I’ll tell you why soon 🙂

And no, there’s no mad scientist experiments involved

Lotsa local celebs & socialites were present for this grand media launch too. Serie Nature, as it is aptly called. This is because every product under this line comprises only 100% natural ingredients – kickin’ em chemicals away!

Behold the awesome product line

All its main ingredients were tomato lycopene, rice proteins, green oils, avocado, white clay, peach milk, fig and ginseng.

I actually stalked this child everywhere he went just to shoot a portrait shot of him. Trust me, he was uber camera shy. decompression sickness

But I managed to shoot him in the end
when he least expected it

Refreshments were served as well. I liked how each lil snack is in sync with the relevant product; with the similar ingredient, that is.

My favorite of ’em all.

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Unfortunately, the other snacks -cough- leaves a little to be desired.

Okay, NOW I’ll tell you what the test tubes were for. With every booth visited, a teaspoon of grinded powder will be added and labelled to our test tube.

Here’s a lil video I made of my test tube and the surroundings of this forest reserve just to let you guys see it for real.

Now this whole thing was some awesome sh!t. I’ve tried & tested their shampoo and hair mask – I must say it’s pretty good! Love the natural scent too. Kudos!

I bet they loved it just like I did