what do I do when I’m pissed mad at somebody’s disgusting room habits?
No, it’s not those typical ones like :

1. Leaving the clothes on the floor
2. Not shutting the closet doors (heh, I do that. That freaks Benjie out =P)
3. Not capping back the toothpaste tube
4. Not making the bed

It’s waaaaay worse than that. And believe it or not, I face it every morning. It’s NOT FLUSHING THE TOILET AFTER THEIR NUMBER ONES AND even THEIR NUMBER TWOS!

So yeah, what do I do?

tell her?
nah, already said more than enough.

scream at her?

nah, already did that till I can’t feel my lungs anymore

do the same just to spite her?
nah, too childish.

This was what I did instead *cheers*

After weeks (probably months) of enduring this ridiculous nonsense, I finally figured out a great way to drum it into her mind. At certain times only, spam is good.

in the persuit of fury and patience overlimit!

Especially when you have to face walking into faeces and excretions of others each time you enter the bathroom. -_- What a sight, I tell ya!

So yeah, all that was what I did, with my red markers, papers and scotchtape.. pretty simple but surprisingly, IT WORKED!

and that’s the most important part:


if it doesn’t work, this is what you will get

(click on blue link above)

So, take my advice. It sure as hell works. =D

What do YOU do when you’re pissed at someone’s gross habits?