After a whirlwind of work to do running around the streets of KL shooting for the past few days, I finally have 15 minutes to breathe some time for myself. I’ll make it snappy!

Still feeling the aftermath of the wicked burfday party.
It was taglined as :

‘ 30 bloggers + 4 bottles + 2 burfday girls = 1 night of mayhem in Zouk’

edited by Jackie

And needless to say, I had one helluva night with all of you buddies.
Thanks again, for your presents and especially your presence.

One of the surprises from the boyfie

Hmm, speaking of presents, lemme share with yall the birthday gifts I brought back and’ managed to arrange on the bed for a little photoshoot.

Thanks for the:

  • 2 Secret Recipe whole cakes boyfie & NigelT
  • Body Shop Satsuma traveling set Kel, NigelS, David, Jen, Yat, Joshua, Stanley
  • 50mm prime lens & white Doodollz plushie boyfie
  • liquor bottles boyfie & Chris
  • hairbrush Greg & Jacque
  • bookmark & eyeliner Diese
  • Anna Sui mascara Wennie
  • slingbag Jordan
  • Devillish cushion Jeff
I spring-cleaned my room yesterday, but it still needs to be more spick and span. Gosh, imagine clothes, shopping bags, wrappers, press kits, liquor bottles, magazines and others strewn all over my bedroom floor?

When we were on our video call, buddy Carter even exclaimed,



Wah you damn clean lar now

Anyway since the be-early birthday celebration is over, I’ll just sit back and count the days to my real birthday. The 1st of July. That’s when I’ll be leaving my teenage years and turn 20.

How I wish I own my own house already. Then I’d wish for all my walls to be painted black with glow in the dark furniture as my next birthday gifts.

Hmm.. since Paris Hilton has a bimbo-ish Chihuahua on a leash and Megan Fox has a Decepticon in a box, can I wish for a pet too on the 1st of July?

p.s : Went for the movie premier of Transformers II and I love it to bits!
Giler! Not gonna spoil this one for you

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An adorable black bunny!

Pfft. Since, I can’t get a black cat (mom forbids me to) I reckon a black bunny will do just fine. Black birds are okay too… just don’t get me a crow. Gross!

Or a beetle.