Just got back from a premier movie screening of Land of the Lost, courtesy of United International Pictures, Gabriel & Nigel . The 1st thing I’d like to say is… LOL @ Will Ferrell! He can be so delirious sometimes.

Did a lil research after the movie and found out that it was an old show. Hmm… my guess is that this installment is a remake.

benjicajessdotcom would like to know
how everyone else felt about the movie?

Check out the expressions, ’nuff said.

One thing’s for sure, this movie makes your intelligence level drop by 10 notches. Yes, it plunges down so deep I actually thought I lost my brain. Jaque (who was sitting beside me) and I felt that it was more to lame than funny.

If anyone is up for a movie that is intellectually backward, watch this stupid show. When I say stupid show, I mean stupid in capitals, font-colored red, bold, point-sized 48 and having my godbro Chris to express it for me. Like this :


thanks gor!
At times, the level of lame moments in the movie had us raising our eyebrows. Okay fine… maybe there were a few funny parts in it – especially by Will Ferrell. Personally, I chuckled at both the parts of him being in the studio. The feud between him and the TV host was hilarious, especially at the end.

Randomly, I despise the aliens in the movie

It makes me think back of those RTM2 Ultraman cartoon series back in the days. I think blue screen animations has really got to me. And seeing repetitive images moving cocurrently makes my eyeballs boil in their sockets.

Don’t geddit? This is what I mean :

okay enough already.

One of my favorite parts was with Chaka though, I found him densely adorable. Sometimes, primitive characters can be intelligent too. But I found this neanderthal so innocent even when he groped the female busts of Holly (co-star) when introducing himself as Chaka.

Probably astonished by feminine characters

Hmm.. moving on, this movie screening was special in its own way too. I had another (mini) be-early birthday celebration in the cinema. Obviously much smaller than my previous one but still, awwwwww thanks!

Sharing the birthday cake with everyone!

Yes… everyone.

I didn’t expect it when buddy Nigel said “Eh. Your real birthdate notchet reach right?” and starting to sing Happy Birthday to me followed by others. EEEEE very shy la pal. LOL

We monkey-ed around

And of course, being bloggers… we can never take too many pictures.


When the movie was about to begin, we were forewarned that the movie is going to be real stupid. Ohwells, I guess a little stupidity is what we need to break free from stress too.

Everyone listening to The Man
all except Aaron πŸ˜›

Where we lost our intellect

When we got back into the land of reality

Just before we headed off for lunch, we grabbed a group photo as well

Take One!

Take two!

The whole lot of us proceeded for some nom nom session at Ikea

Ahh screw Land of the Lost.
Enter the world of the tech savy