Well well, whaddya know was the 1st thing that greeted me as I stepped into my campus? The sight of my old friends Melissa, ShinMay & Rachel were manning the ticket booth.

They were selling tickets to the SGGS Musical Drama entitled ‘Hope’. At first, when you guys asked me to buy it, I was hesitant as it was RM30. ZOMFG! But, when Rach & Daniel said they were the cast and you guys were crew, AND my babes Sharmeen & Zoe were going, I KNEW I JUST HAD TO GO! *grins*

Capture & Edited by yours truly =)

Truth be told, it was a fantastic musical. I just love the dramatism in the casts’ faces and the lyrics to those songs sang with such enthusiasm. The voices? It would be an understatement to even say that I’ll put them high up on the pedestal. Wow. Such melodious voices and choreography between the alto and soprano was very well coordinated.

How could one resist the background of the still night? My babes & I took the shot just outside the entrance to the theater.

Some of the scenes I managed to capture:

That’s Daniel (centre), one of my buddies. He played an ‘AhBeng’ father. This gentleman is very talented indeed, his guitar & piano skills plus his voice is like no other. =) Kudos on your fabulous performance!

Rachel honey, I’m sssso proudda you! f.y.i, she sat beside me for a whole year (2006) in our 5 Arif classroom

And the peeps from the drama I was involved in last year!

Us with the crew members Mel & ShinMay
wtf, I’m sticking out like a sore thumb

okay… I don’t feel so bad in this picture:

At least Nesh is taller than I am. We should take more pictures together no?

Momen de’ VAIN.

Met my senior, LilaDevi!

is this some military training? gosh.
Not a very happy ending for them, ye?