As if it isn’t time for me to return to church.

It’s been wayyy past due. =(
I left church mid last year, for no good reasons. So did baby.

us then (2006)

Us now (2008)

Anyway, the break from my righteous self has been a long one. Many ups & downs and I realized I was getting lower and lower in spirit.

And then I realized..

Where’s my place to seek solace?
Where’s my place to renew my spirits & be cleansed of my sins?

It will all be good in His given time. I dragged myself outta the comfort of my bed and went back to church.

I did what I felt was right.
And, I hope it is right?

The people who moved my spiritual self.. the people who matter

The people that made me look forward to church.. the people who matter

The people that are forgiving should I stumble and fall… the people who matter.

So happy to see me ka, Tim? XD

I’m glad to be back to our Father and the temple of the Lord.

And to hear all you talented youths serve our Father with your musical talents!!

I’m glad to be back home.

to that!