I feel so lonely and sad.

My mommy went to the Nuffnang-Maxis Music Bash without me. She says I’m underaged and I can’t go with her. Mommy’s going as Amy Lee from Evanescence. See her post – [here]


Oh but no worries, while mommy and her room mate Evelyn is out partying as celebrities, (Evelyn’s going as Ashlee Simpson by the way) I will party at home with MY ROOM MATE the reddie instead!!

Check me out partyin without mommy :

So what that mommy’s gone partying with her blogger buddies?
I’m here at home partying too!!!


Signing off using mommy’s account,

Oh and, mommy was mean enough to MMS me her picture with her friends whilst at the party too. I iz jealous.


See mommy Amy Lee in the middle? Flanking her is Ashlee Simpson and Saloma. I wish i was there too. But I don’t think her image as a rockchic for that night would suit carrying me around, since after all, I’m a teddy – and it’s not like she went to a pyjama party =(


: a n y w a y :
watch out for mommy’s post on the music bash!