Here I am.. in the hotel resort bloggin all the way from Langkawi Islands!
Woke up early (supposedly for breakfast) but no one else felt like getting up. =(
Anyhow, I was wide awake and just HAD to get up, morning suns aren’t meant to be missed!
Armed with the little white iPod and a cybershot camera, I took a light stroll along the resort and was caught up into some photography of the swimming pool & its surroundings – the morning ambience, antics of the little children & elderly folks by the pool intrigues me.
Yesterday was great – BUT, BUT, BUT…………
But however the sunny days shine, there were of course some undesirable moments.
The ferry wasn’t on schedule so it moved at breakneck speed; causing everyone to succumb to nausea and unpleasant sea-sickness. For the first time in my numerous ferry-boat rides, I puked at least 15 times.
And Nadz puked 7 times while Jeff puked once.

We weren’t the only ones.
I swear we could at least hear TEN other people puking in the ferry. Including my immediate neighbour to the left – a Dutchman and his adorable young daughter. The man in front of Gloria obnoxiously vomitted VERY VERY audibly.

Thank God for the creation of iPods.
Or rather, thank Apple Inc.
Anyway YES, it had been a great day yesterday – shoppin, swimming & played fun games and today’s fun is yet to begin. We’re going island hopping, eagle-feeding, and who’s up for snorkelling? wheee!
I sure hope they are. =D