Remember in one of my previous posts – here I’ve mentioned about Japanese street culture and how repulsed I am about it?

yeah, Lala style or the many other names it can be deemed as =)

Coincidentally, the Animanga (Anime+Manga) Club of my campus organized a Japanese culture thingy and wow! I was impressed by the amount of effort they’ve put in!

Hmm.. Japanese culture ain’t that bad after all it seems *nods*

Check it out:

From the Japanese homemade food……

To Anime action figurines……

And even dressing up as the characters from various Anime!

Very well done, I must say. A big hand to all of you! =) It just shows you take pride in presenting your campaign

I had a great time victimizing Mr. Mark Felix though, thank goodness he was sporting enough to have his picture taken!