W00t W00t
We had our gurls day out. Just the both of us!

Class ended early so… nyeh-heh-heh.

It was sad that I tried so hard to save money, but ended up splurging so so much. *sigh* So predictable, no? Maybe next time I should drag my ass to the bank and MAKE SURE I deposit my cash in the beginning of the month just so I don’t spend unnecessarily.


Hmm anyway, that method could work.
But then again, I have an ATM card so it doesn’t make any darn difference.
Take Two: I just hope I’ll be lazy to walk to the ATM then, hopefully its placed VERY FAR away.

as far away as possible.

Had some fun fooling around in Forever 21. =D Oh the heavens!
I couldn’t resist trying on this trenchcoat – it makes me look like a Sherlock Holmes’ in-training!

Introducing : The Great Detective
(now where’s my magnifying glass?)

Rubbish Rubbish.

Indeed I loved that trenchcoat but GET REAL.

This is Malaysia, the sweltering hot tropical country – where & when would I ever wear this?


1. Malaysia snows
2. I go to France to visit my lil sis Abi (je vous manque petite soeur!)
3. I live in an igloo
4. I go to UK/AUS to further my studies
5. We crank up the air-conditioning

other than that, reality bites.

Alright, cut the far-fetched ambitions…. I’d rather be real.

Trenchcoat konon. Oh puh-leeze.
What was I even thinking?

So yeah, I splurged on shoes & tops & of course, food. =P

Credits go to bestie Rach for introducing it to me
It was deee-leee-ciouss!

The strangest part was that the Conveyor (Kaiten) Belt in Sushi King came to a halt all of a sudden.

And then I observed:
There was a mortified look plastered on everyones faces. Plausibly due to the fear that they would not end up eating their sushi at all? Even the sushi girl had a shock when the belt stopped moving.

Now that was something new. NO MORE ROTATING FOOD!

So what?
We’ve finished eating anyway.

So yeah, most of you would probably be used to seeing me in my long locks.
what happened to it?

I chopped it off.

No, not with a cleaver…
Nor an axe.

I had Edmond to do it for me in Extreme Hair Salon.

So did Rachel!

Hmm.. un-long hair. How un-usual of us.

But Sweetheart likes it though.
He had always prefer me in shorter hair to long ones.
At least I felt better.

Hey, actually come to think about it – it’s really not bad.
You were right.
Thanks hunnz