Friends come & go but there are some that lasts a lifetime. Ever wondered how your arch enemy back in elementary school became your best friend now? Or how your bosom buddy or sworn BFF back in high school became the ultimate biatch to you now?

Everything’s possible.
Things change, and so do people.

Like everybody else, I’ve got many circles of friends. Some of the bonds established are one of those precious ones that I hope will never cease. Buddies, ya know who yall are!

So anyway, I hung out with some of my galpals just the other day and we had lotsa fun, food & catching up.

Watched this movie Juno – something about teen pregnancy and how that 16-year old bravely endured it. Pretty cute, if I were to say so myself. Especially Andrea Tee’s ‘running people!’ that became my ‘running people!’ in the end. *grins at Drea*

Prior to that, we dropped by at the nearest 7-11 & bought snacks to add to the snacks Drea & I had in preparation.

Haagen Daaz – Nads,“should we indulge Jess?”
Jess,“oh yes…..”
(and that’s ONLY what we bought, not what we brought)

We then sat, pillow talked, ate some pizza, junk food & indulged in Haagen Daaz (as the pictures depicts) It was lovely! My belly was so full I thought I would never end up eating dinner. But ultimately I did, being me. =P

Upon entering the kitchen, we caught a whiff of the muffins Drea’s mom baked. A ‘disaster’ she claims? Nothing comes close to it.

And if I had to say It over and over again, I would –

I had fun with ya’ll babes, and Nads was right. It did reminds us of the times we had back in the earlier semesters.

monster. wants . food. Drea. protects!!