What a fulfilling day for my tummy, it was practically filled to the brim the whole day. As lovely Thursday comes, my schedule is packed with activities with tha pals. =) Gosh, I’m lovin’ this semester – off day every Thursday!

First up, brunch with my gurl Nadiah at Chilis!! Woots.. lovin the chicken crispus. (Is this how you spell it Nads?) As ya’ll know, the portions served at Chilis are all American helpings; an overload for the Asian stomach like that of ours. So, we had some to-go. Soon after, we hung out at the Chilis bar for a while and had some idle chat with the bartender..

sadly it was a Chilis policy not to allow them to flare. Like, wtf right? Which bartender is restricted to flare??? =/ *potong stim*

The next meal was like no other – ridiculously silly and fun! Muahaha. Sushi King had this Sushi bonanza for its members where everything (yeah right) was priced at 2bucks.

I finally had my Unagi Kabayaki (at normal price sadly)

My bestie Joyce & my boo got their *i-don’t-know-what-it’s-called-but-it-sure-looks-yummy* prawn & squid thingy.

Unfortunately, we ate and ate but didn’t read the terms & conditions which states:


I stared in horror at what was in front of me…

Oh shyt!@#$%^&*

I regretted not consuming the rice!
I wasn’t the only one – Joyce too had some leftovers.

What were we to do? Eat back all the rice as it is?

And dubby refused to help eat the rice clumps! Arghhhhh…

Like, EWW. I for one, am not a person who eats rice so it was beyond me as to how I could force those grains of sticky rice down my throat. Hence, we freaked out and not wanting to pay the unnecessary extras, we attempted numerous ways to conceal/hide/throw/camouflage the remaining rice – and trust me, you wouldn’t wanna know how we did it =P (right Joyz? lawl)

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Haha…… Anyhow, we managed to escape the extra charges using the ‘smart’ way of pulling strings with dear Mahendra oh Mahendra XP
After all the naughty tricks, the Sushi bonanza did put a rice smile on our sushi-craved faces in the end!

Happy ricework by Jess&Joyce