Ya’ know how those lil stony pebbles at your local parks work?
It works something like reflexology, only that the pressure is evenly distributed to all the nerve-endings… which can be quite bad, as all your weight is pressuring the points without considering your organ’s needs.

Being just a girl, I love heels. *grins*
I love wearing all kinds of heels!
*pic taken in 2007*
However, wearing heels all the time can cause immense strain to the sole of your feet, that’s why I don’t wear it 24/7.

The alternative – my trusty pair of Adidas & Converse

Okfine, I’m straying away. It’s not about the shoes, heels or my pairs of trainers. The drawing point is this:

Ouch. Be afraid. Be very afraid

And be prepared!!

It was ticklish & downright painful at the same time. But at some points, it actually relieved a whole lot of stress & felt so relaxing.
Hmm.. my painful parts are at the head & liver. Ooops! Andrea Tee’s conclusion to that seemed quite true – too much studyin & alcohol.

WOW. Drea, you could be right. *gasps*

But somebody’s painful parts are at SOMEPLACE. hmmm… nah, I shan’t be that wicked to publish this to the world. =P Thank me later *giggles*

The excruciating 1hour was more than we could take – jolting up as though electrocuted was the only reaction we could exercise. What else? Make ugly faces or show the middle finger at them?

Dude, they can’t even see us.

Dang. You should try it.

nono. You MUST try reflexology
The word pain is given an elaborated meaning!!!