After a week of daily winners, it was the final day of KDU’s Fashion Week 2008! For non-KDU peeps, here’s the dirt: there is a different theme from Monday-Friday and the one that dons an outfit that befits most to the theme will be in the running to catwalk on the finals.

Today is when the all the daily winners compete to win the grand prize plus, be KDU’s fashion icon!

Not surprisingly, 5 out of 7 contestants were from the Mass Communication dept. The other two – One from the Art & Design dept and the other from the Engineering dept. Haha.. I’m so proud that my good friends Joyce, Naina, Chris, Farah and Mike C were selected as finalists!

Aight, I won’t keep you waiting! Here are the eye candy!

From L-R : (chick from Art&Design, didn’t get her name), Chris, Mike, Naina, Joyce, Cat, Farah & (cutie from Engineering, didn’t get his name either)

The best part was, the judges had Coffee Bean to-go! Hmm.. I wonder what’s inside, if it’s their signature latte or the muffins, I’d be craving for it in my seat now. =/ I wish I had Coffee Bean to-go too………..

Enough, Mr. Mark. Don’t rub it in! =( I know it’s delicious and I’m already staring at it, green with envy. Hmmph

It garnered lotsa support from enthusiastic audiences as there were not only catwalks and Q&A’s, there were also performances by our very own talents! These songbirds belted out popular numbers, including Leona Lewis’s latest single ‘Bleeding Love’.

Our dear Daniel wowed the crowd with the strumming of his guitar and his melodious voice. *ooh*

Supportive #1 fans were eveready to root for their buddy! Don’t we all love Michael? ♥ ♥

There were lotsa time in between to camwhore with de gals! (I only put up ONE pic here)

In a nutshell,

The icon is standing before you right now, check out muh’ new hair”