Fancy cookin up a storm? Or just playing around with tha food yo’ mama always told you not to do? Either way, de gang had an awesome combined cookout over at my crib the whole afternoon


We met up over around lunch and shopped about for the groceries we each needed to make our own signature dish!

The bill went up to a massive amount of RM100 – which my dad generously sponsored. *winks* Oh well, imagine the effort & the labour we have to put in, not walking into some swanky restaurant and leave the fun to the chefs. In my crib, on this day, we ARE the chefs.

Our specialties? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN NUTHIN’ YET!

Saliva for an ingredient? I THINK I’LL PASS. Each of us made something by ourselves and chipped in some help to one another. It’s a mutual process you see, we are to each other like pollen is to bees. If I see you grimacing, fugg off. =P Wakakkakakaa

I made Japanese potato salad with an extra twist; infused with one of our favourite booze- Chivas Regal. Now, that’s more like it. *grins*

The chef de cuisine, chef departie, sous chef kept our hands busy and kakak helped! =) It sure was good to have someone domesticated around We played around and were silly as usual. Oh what am I to do when I have a dudu like you? LOL

By 3-4hours of preps, playing around & cooking, I guess we were done and all set to dine!

Guys, you peeps were awesome!!! I wuvv you guys!!
Silly motley crew incomplete with the butts of two other peeps in KL