After what seemed like eons not being connected to the world, I now can breathe a sigh of relief. My internet connection is back to normal! More Blogging & Caballing fo’ shure! XD

Guess what? After a month of not hitting the gym, I finally did so with my pal, Janice. It sure felt right again! I actually can’t believe that I used to be working out at the gym so religiously until it was a everyday routine for me but now, *uhm* ha ha. But it’s not as if I don’t go hiking, trekking & squashing every other day. So, my life ain’t sedentary just yet *winks*

So, Imma put the regime back to my life. Make it back like the routine I used to.
I NEED IT! I’m an obese cow now!!!
Sheeeeesh. =/

And it seemed like my eyes were slightly cuckoo and seeing things in double.

But wait, is it me or is it for real?

Double Trouble

I rubbed my eyes and watched her (or is it them?) again. If it was ONE PERSON, she can’t be talking to her own reflection, could she? I then asked Janice,” Please look behind you and tell me if I’m seeing things?” She turned and then told me it was indeed twins I’m looking at.

my eyes are still accountable for what they see, at the very least.


Soon after getting home, I blinked again in dismay. There was no stopping me from thinking that I was now mentally deranged. no. fuggin.way

Am I deluded or is my dad standing on his precious couch??
Heavens me, no!

He used to scream his head off whenever anyone is rough with his couch and marble dining table. And just imagine, what if the couch actually gave way under the immensity of his mass? The weight over area would apply so much pressure on the spots beneath his two tiny soles. =/

He wouldn’t be that out of his mind now, would he?
But when I heard mom scream, demanding for an answer of what on earth is he doing way up there…

I knew that I don’t need an optometrist after all.