Spontaneity is the essence of ouings… well, not ALL the time but AT times. =D

It all started with, “wehh.. hungry la”

and,“wan mamak ar?”

* which led to,“wanna go out kap siao anot”

and,“I wanna drink ice blended green tea lar”

and finally, “ok lar peeps, Starbucks 8.30pm”

and all the above came randomly from everyone.

Rounds of games came next and I learned a new game – cops, doctor & murderer.

Look!! The murderer is Ivan!!

God knows what the exact name is but oh well, that game was fun!

I photographed the photographer!

Learning never stops, my first time on DDR – DanceDance Revolution!
And goodness me, my baby rocks! =D haha.. I never knew he knew how to work it


Penang Drifters….. Remp – It!

Till next time Shouters!!