Tomorrow is finally THE day!

hohoho.. nope it’s not my birthday (psst.. it’s on the 1st of July f.y.i)

It’s the day that Sweetheart is in-charge of the operation of Le’ Cafe! Which means, all the meals on the menu were planned by him and prepared by him! With the help of his team, they are going to be operating Le’Cafe tomorrow at lunch time.

So if you guys are free tomorrow AND thinking what to eat for lunch AND happen to be nearby KDU College AND coincidentally around lunch time, you know what to do! =D Drop in and grab a bite at Le’Cafe, KDU.

If you guys walk into KDU and have no friggin’ clue of what Le’Cafe looks like, this is the one:

Planned, professionally prepared, operated & handled by the aspiring chefs from the department of Culinary Arts. The crowd is at the cashier point, not because the cashier is cute/hot/whatever-i-couldn’t-care-less-focus-on-the-food, but everyone is lining up to buy the lunches there!

As mentioned before, they prepare good food.

Food decor & presentation are also done professionally & improvised from what they had been taught in their syllabus.

p.s- I’ve seen his proposed menu which he was intricately planning last month and even contributed my opinions to it. So yeah, most of it are my faves. So rest asure that it’s be good, cos me likey GOOD FOOD! =D Bwahaha.
Can I have a bit of everything hun?
*puppy eyes*

Behind the scenes… lies a demented Chef student

Now, who could that possibly be?
*thinks hard*
Oh yes, the creature from my previous post
Chef Jamie-Oliver-Short-tongue GAY-vin
(who looks like he’s trying to cut off his already short tongue)

And many thanks to bestie Rachel who took her leave off from work tomorrow just for this sole purpose and this purpose only.

Try it. Bite it.
You WON’T refuse it!

All the best for the thingy tomorrow hun,
you can do it!

I can’t wait to eat all the food.
(oops. Did I mention ALL?)