He’s Just Not Into You

Believe me, that movie made me laugh & cry & laugh & cry
The crying part however, did not ONLY come from the movie. You shall see why soon.

The moment I arrived, Joshua told me,

“Hi Jess, meet Jess!”

David, why do you have such an astonished look on your face? 😛

It wasn’t surprising to meet another Jess;
but it was,
to meet another Jess of my height. ROFL

36 peeps altogether then marched towards the theaters on the highest floor and continued more mingling. Among the highlight of the day was when Jess mentioned to Aaron :

“Hey Aaron, you actually look very nice today!”

I couldn’t stifle my laughter the moment I heard that. Hmm.. should he take that as a compliment, or a sub-conscious insult? But awww c’mon, we all know Jess meant it as a compliment 🙂

Are you ready peeps?

The movie was fab! I’d give it a 5/5 rating. It really gave me a lot of hindsight of the way two very different yet similar beings called the male and the female, work psychologically. Uh-huh. Being gurls can be quite complicated, but being guys well, can be even more complex! No worries, we gurls understand. J

At the part where the male star gave a surprise proposal to Jennifer Aniston,

(sorry, I’m tragic at screen names)

Pam said to me “How come guys don’t do these things in real life?”
And I went “Haha. Maybe they prefer to skip the drama?”

The screen warped to photos of an unfamiliar couple. I was puzzled, how come I didn’t notice these two people throughout the movie? It turned out, that Mr.Romeo wanted to give his lady a surprise proposal too. A live band played in front of all of us and the lucky gurl was surprised, I could tell. Mr.Romeo then gave his speech and asked for her hand in marriage.

BEFORE HE EVEN FINISHED HIS SPEECH, TEARS STREAMED DOWN A FEW OF OUR FACES – INCLUDING ME! Like, wtf? I’m not even the one he’s proposing to, why the eff was it touching enough for me and the rest to cry?

So dramas do happen in real-life after all.

I guess all the gurls will already be expecting more from their to-be fiances’? Sorry men, Mr.Romeo here has just spoiled the market for yall!

The after-movie picture.

We then chilled by Laundry Bar for some drinks and NIGEL’S SEAFOOD PLATTER. Hahaha! Kidding, pal. Some drinks and random chit-chats more of. I was sitting at the far (read : very very far) end around Nigel, Kel, David and Jen. Wanna see how far away we are?

Kel & I look like black dots splattered on the world map
While Yat & Tallen gets all the glory!

That being said, Imma give Nigel, Kel, Jen and myself more glory. ROFL. Take that!

A nice montage by Nigel :

Spot me? Since there’s two Jess’

Aightey, tick-tock goes the clock. Yat was nice enough to take me back home, as I didn’t have any transport back! Thanks, pal.

To the buddies, I had a blast with you guys!
And to the new peeps I’ve met too, nice meeting yall for the 1st time!

pic credits to : Kel, Nigel T, Nigel S
video credits to : Jack