Another bigbang burfday??
Well.. the July babies did it again, this time – it’s old buddy Su Ting’s burfday!!

From that phone call invitation, I was anticipating this celebration all month! Mebbe cos the last time I ever celebrated her burfday with her was the12th burfday at home. And now, it’s her 18th burfday in Equatorial Hotel! =D

..and prolly also cos I just couldn’t wait to see all my high schoolmates again! *beams*

Look at the blue banana in the background

Hmm.. taking pictures of napkins?
It’s kinda obvious that Sweetheart & I were the first of SuTing’s friends to reach. It kinda felt nice waiting for people (and taking napkin pics) instead of being waited for. Seriously, if it wasn’t for him.. I’m always late. =P

Slowly, more and more familiar faces seeped in one by one. =D
Of some I have not met ever since high school graduation!

Peeps I knew through guides&scouts camp

Now that almost everyone is here,
shall we begin devouring?

Let’s have a look at the buffet menu of the evening:
(trust me, it’s impressive)

First up, to tease your appetite

And the ones that made many go *droooool*
Not me, though. I’ve always avoided oysters since childhood
(I know I’m missing out on the goodness but oh well)

Bottomless supply for everyone!
(‘cept me)

When we got back to the table, this was what I noticed…

Dang. And beside me was…

you super neat freak.

Ahh.. I guess it’s a chef instinct to arrange, align & plate everything in order even when it’s on THEIR OWN meal

either that…

I’m just plain messy

One of the dishes that made me go @_@ and ^_^ at the same time was this

Looks yummy, no?
Me likey vege.

Well I knew my former Patrol Leader Hon Sern was certainly enjoying his meal

…with his mouth wide open

When we were done with the appetizers and such..

Hmm.. feels like it!
Let’s go around socializing too=)

On my way out,
Minny & I met IN PERSON for the first time yea, babe?


(Picture grabbed from her)

Girls being girls
*love ya’ll babes*

Couldn’t resist such a lovely pillar

Adorning blue this evening

And I managed to catch this in time

Back at the table, we were cracking so much jokes that it’s hard to tell who came up with what and how it keeps leading from one thing to another. It was either laughin at people’s candid shots or making a monkey out of one another.

More laughter, more madness

Oh but very vaguely, I think I remember why we were laughing our heads off already. For no specific reason, we likened buddy Kijade to ‘Dora the Explorer’. Chong Yen came up with it!

And goodness me how everything twisted from ‘Dora’ turned from playing with kids’ to ‘Micheal Jackson’s obsession with kids’ FOR ALLTHE WRONG REASONS!! So, poor Kijade was associated to being a pervert, all night.

When it was time for desserts, I couldn’t help but to be impressed by how it was presented

They had sugar works on the caramel puddings

I love they way they wrote the name of the dish

and that feminine design there.
simple yet exquisite

… a dessert to die for.
No hyperboles involved.

Yummy desserts?
Depends on how you look at it
(literally. nyeheheh)

This burfday was also fun because it was something like a reunion, for most of us

Do you remember all those school gatherings, scout camps and where we used to sit at the infamous ‘tapak perhimpunan’ before the first bell rings?

♥♥ i most certainly do.

Speaking of which, we’ve all come a long long way even if it’s technically ONLY been two years since high school graduation. How we’ve changed and grew up so gradually that it’s hard to tell how much time has passed.

Kitt Yeng & I

Yoong & I

And to the belle of the night,

SuTing & I

Seeing and reminiscing with all my old friends in high school also made me smile at how much WE have grown up as well – ever since we were lil kids still in high school

Cheers to many many more years, Dearest!

Oh my.. suddenly, the lights went off!
And what could that be gleaming in the dark?

Why, of course! It’s her burfday cake!
Such a humongous cake, for her bigbang 18th burfday! Looks really grand too

Make a wish, SuTing dear!
And blow away all the flames!

Speaking of blowing, Sweetheart had this awkward ‘constipated’ look on his face due to the fantastic food served that evening.
I guess he was really, really, and I mean reallllllyyyy full

Aight, back to the burfday gurl…

Hope your burfday is special in every way,
For a person as fun as you should havethat kind of day!

When it was time to leave,

(lol GaikLyn took this unexpected picture)

Even when we left the place, it was still as impressive as when we arrived. Good impression, Equatorial Hotel crew! Hmm.. the impact will linger for long.



oh and to those who were with us & readin this now,
don’t forget to drop a comment below too!