I just hung up on the phone with my dear and my timetable for the new sem sucks except for the fact that every thursday is a holiday.

Everyday starts at nine and ends in the evenings and oh wow! I have photo communication, organisational communication, copywriting & radio production. reason why everything ends in the evenings. 🙁

note to self : get back my 4.0 g.p.a or else I’ll be so screwed

I know u’re reading this mum, so SMILE.

Oh well, as seniority increases the pressure is building up as well. Gotta go pack my stuff and get ready 4 a brand new semester and I can’t wait to see my classmates again. 🙂

-Written by vincent.
-Dictated by jess over the phone.
Her connection seems to be cranky at the moment. Do be patient.
Besides, it’s tm.nut at work.