Hmm.. today sounds familiar. No way imma let a bestie like Carter continue his 9 year streak of not celebrating his birthday. Muahhahahhaaaha.. so together, de gang and I devised a plan.

“Come to my house at 10pm sharp, don’t ask”

LoL sounds kinda wrong but, oh well. He wouldn’t misunderstand, would ya dear Carter? =)

We blindfolded the poor boy all the way to our destined location. And it didn’t stop there… we guided him all the way INSIDE (still blindfolded) until we reached the seat.

He was so conscious and kept asking,
“Weh.. everybody looking at me ar?

Yes yes. Everyone’s looking at you.

Boy, was he pleasantly surprised when we removed the blindfold – it was interpreted through his smile.
He kept looking around and admiring the place, enjoying the jazz melodies & atmosphere and especially us. =D

Thank you for the Birthday Song, Mary Carlos!

YAY. I’m so glad my plan worked!!
*phew* It ran as smoothly just like the one I carefully (and dramatically) planned for bestie Joyce – click here.

If it weren’t for everybody’s cooperation and help, it wouldn’t be a success anyway. Thanks guys! Love ya a bunch~!

We had our round of drinks & a specially made Almond-dunno-whad-dunno-whad ice cream cake just for him!! I don’t exactly know the full name of it, but it sure wasn’t cheap. XD

Happy 20th

Make a wish Carter!!

Wish that we won’t DUNK YOUR HEAD onto the cake!!
Ooops. Too late


Nope, just kidding. It wasn’t too late. =D The cake was safe and his face was saved. Muahahhaha

So, it went into his MOUTH instead of his eyes.

Your Surprise peeps
(there were supposed to be more)

One last one for the road!

*for more piccies, visit my faceB*

At the end of the day, we discovered something unusual.
UglyBetty’s long lost evil twin sister, residing right here in Malaysia!!

Cheers all. Goodnites!