Yet ANOTHER burfday?

Speaking of which, mine is in another month! Class, please jot that down.. it will be coming out in your final examinations. =D


So yeah, who put on his birthday suit today? *oops*

another fellow blogger.

Wootwoot! =D We surprised him after his Latin Dance Class (yes, he takes dance classes.. *pheewit!*) at the nearby mamak.

Oh well, sometimes… the less the lavishness can bring the most happiness. It’s the thought & effort that counts.

He was indeed thrilled, jumped around three times in a circle holding the MamakGuy’s hand and proceeded to camwhore.


I treated him the meal! YES YES. Read it out loud KXin. *muahahaa* But Gay-Vin baked a cake especially for him, his best friend. Aww.. doesn’t this just bring tears to your eyes? XP

KXin & Gay-Vin

But behind the scenes…

“Woii. Just becos I act all buddy-buddy with you doesn’t mean were BFF, got it?”
“Piii lah u mampuslah kau. Tengok muka hang ni, kubenci”

Back on stage and buddy-buddyness,

KXin & the Cake

Voila! Down the drain goes Gay-Vin’s hard work when morsels of the cake went up KXin’s nose

Eww. That wasn’t all… It went home to a hungry family as well.
So did the Mamak food.

Hohoho I’m so gonna get slaughtered for my scattered figments of imagination.

We lighted the poor cake up 6 times due to the superb natural ventilation which we did not need, unfortunately. It proves that many hands do make lighter work as depicted in the picture below:

Easy on the fingers, yo.

And yay!

It continued with ad-hoc sarcasm, criticism, injected Gay-Humour by Gay-Vin and many other random laughs. Hey Ralph & Wendy, didn’t we just ENJOY the indirect verbal lashings directed to Gavin? wakaakakakaa

After a while, poor Gavin didn’t comprehend and proceeded into a deep slumber.

Wakakakka. Lol ur such a noob Gav. =P

Fo ya buddy!