College is starting tomorrow.. ugh.

An age old title for essays after a long stretch of holidays are :
‘What I did during the school holidays’

For the Malaysian students, remember back in Primary&Secondary school where the Bahasa Malaysia teacher would always give the same essay title :
‘Cuti Sekolah Saya’

So, not to deviate from this age-old tradition, Imma give you my version of

‘What I did during MY semester break’

Since my semester break was a span of 3 weeks, the holiday post would be in three episodes

.Episode 1.

Okay, so you guys already know the first thing I did for the semester break

Yep, I went to Langkawi!
For a re-cap, click here

Once I got back to dear old Penang, the outings came non-stop. Goodness gracious, I even played Scrabble for the very first time in 10years! I swear the last time I Scrabbled was when I was nine.

So yeah, I Scrabbled with a few of my fave people – Gavin, Kxin, Wendy, bestie Joyce and the list goes on. I scrabbled for 3 days in a row, methinks. Hmm.. I’m already starting to enjoy Scrabble. I used to think it was a nerdy game.


Anyway, we went to try out this place called ‘Crepe Cottage’ for dinner as it looked and sounded nice. BUT DON’T BE DECEIVED, PEOPLE! It sucks, big time. Really a ‘Crap Cottage’, huh guys?

Hmm.. but who was the one who decided to go there? Would the culprit responsible of this horrendous idea please stand up?

you meanie.

Within the next few days, my voice box was beginning to have mind of its own.
I karaoke-ed with more of my fave people for two days in a row! Both were coincidentally planned back-to-back though

Our very own homegrown Jesse McCartney was sitting right amongst us!
Gavin, terasa or not?

Hmm.. Standing ovation by Wendy?

One thing I’ve learned and wish to share with everyone is –
never ever attempt to smell your microphone.

Nuh-uh.. not ever. Take a look :

Just imagine if 10,000 people in RedBox does the exact same thing.. and my dear friend also happens to be one of that 10,000 people.


The same night, Sweetheart, his mum & I celebrated sister Rachel’s 13th burfday

Aww.. doesn’t she look happy?

But, you’re still not legal yet sis!

The following RedBox Karaoke day was just as fantastically fun as the day before, only crazier!! It’s great to hangout with you guys, I was in stitches the whole day thanks to you peeps. LOL

Me in between these awesome peeps

Strangely, amongst our long list of English songs, there was a Spanish song accidentally selected. And I wonder why?

So we decided to go with the flow and sing along with that song.

It was hilarious when we couldn’t pronounce the words but still went on singing out of tune & waaaayy out of pronunciation anyway. What does the words even mean??

Ceddy was the star of the day who sang this queer & foreign song until the very end. We laughed our heads off, he’s so darn funny!
*cheers* to the goodboy who gone bad…

..very bad

It was rather coincidental that Minny & I had the same taste of songs! *high5* We were rockin hard to BonJovi, Greenday, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin and lot’s of others! While all of us were enjoying ourselves, Ralph (who refused to sing) looked rather sleepy

That’s the look you get when you don’t join in the singing!
And when he raised his arms to yawn & stretch,

Ceddy saw a jungle under Ralph’s arms

Nah. I was just kidding.
Ced, I bet you wouldn’t even wanna see it if you had the chance?

And later on for dinner, my ultimate favorite – Japanese food!

a person censored as per request
We headed down to Sushi King – again.

Oh and I’m back to hitting the gym frequently!
I dunno how many times I’ve said that, but I’m still trying to be as religiously devoted to the gym as I was last year. Hmm..

Anyway, I’ve been hearing lots & lots about winning free invitations to MTV Asia Awards just by being seen partying down at the usual spot.
So, why not?
As one of the sponsors of this event was Celcom, we decided to wear purple to the clubs. JUST IN CASE.

And we got spotted by the Celcom peeps!

Old buddy Carmen & I

Serene, Gloria & I chilling outside

And this faithful night is when I got my invitation to
the MTV Asia Awards

Which, I sadly did not attend.
Due to – this event instead

Oh well, I’m trying hard to convince myself that it’s worth it.
Cos it IS

Last but definitely not least, Sweetheart & I went out on a date the whole day and we also caught the much anticipated Batman sequel – The Dark Knight. We were there early (I can never be late with him around) and the entire cinema belonged to us!


Can you imagine how it’s like to have the whole place to ourselves?

Sweetheart avoiding an imaginary bullet : Matrix-style
Me meditating : Yoda-style

It was superb as expected, albeit being the longest movie I’ve ever sat through this year. Had a great day witcha Huns~! ♥ ♥ Luvya

So yeah, that’s it for the first week of my semester break.
Not enough action? Well, it’s just the start of the holidays!
Stay tuned for Episode 2 & 3!