Why must everyone go away???
One by one, they’re leaving like how dewdrops evaporate on an early spring leaf. It’s not like they’re never ever gonna return nor am I never be able to visit them. They’ll just be away for like, 10 days, 3months and another year?

I hate NS.
It takes away the people closest to you.
It took away my boyfriend, but he escaped and came back by my side. Now, its taking away my one and only brother.
Yes. I have a brother. A younger brother, from another mother. I finally feel that I’m not the only child anymore. And it’s been forever since I last had the feeling of having a sibling. Oh and he’s not my godbrother.

I’ve been through that crap countless of times and now I have a phobia of such things.
So yeah, it’s amazing how such a bond builds over time.

Since 13th January 2008 –
here – was when we had our 1st hiking trip together. I could remember all the times we had together with de gang, all those hang outs, suppering, clubbing, mamaking, chillin at my place, shopping, hiking, paintballing, BBQ-ing, chatting and so much more.

2 months & 5 days.
That seemed so fast.


That pink wall that never was pink at night
Its true colours only show under the afternoon light

The monkey song that was sang

And now its gone – the emotional pang

Enough to miss you incredibly when we’re apart
Never knew how anything could bring it back to the start

No matter how long and regardless of the distance
I know I’ll go through a period of abstinence


The bond we share is that of a unique one. Where it’s pure and simple and resembling a brother-sisterly love. I treasure all those times you stayed up helping me finish my Desperate Housewives preparation or the stress I had to put through prior to my final exams.

You took in all my idiosyncrasies and was the shoulder for me to cry on when I was burdened with relationship, work, family or peer problems. You listen to me ramble on about my Law & MCS notes, despite hearing what seemed like Greek Language to you.
Your advice never fail to make things fall right back into place. And never expected anything in return.

Goodbye dear brother, I hope you’ll have fun there. I just find it very hard to bring myself to watch you leave for NS on Wednesday. Find me a mantra that will make me numb to all emotions. I might just need heavy doses of it.

And If I were to say it, I’d say it over again.
That I’ll miss you and I’d endure the pain.