The boyfie is on a holiday in Taiwan with his family as we speak. We haven't spoken for 3 days! Drats. Even if he wasn't on holiday right now, he would be in Singapore. Darn the Long Distance Relationships! The most prominent fact of LDR is that we’re more often together virtually, as compared to being together in the flesh.




Not just the boyfie, in my case. My best friend has hauled herself to the UK since last year and my family is 200 Kilometres away from me. Sad much? I'm sure some of you are experiencing this too, where your loved ones aren't exactly by your side at anytime you please.


So dearies… that is precisely why we can all squeal with delight with iTalk WHOA! It lets you stay well connected with your friends, families and everyone in just one portal. It’s the latest technology launched by our national telecom – Telekom Malaysia (TM)



The best part is that you don’t need to log on to several websites to do all that! I despise it when my Firefox gets cluttered with multiple opened tabs and it can get real messy -___- Upon logging on with TM iTalk WHOA, I can now check my emails, read my friends’ Facebook status updates & Tweets, MSN, gTalk, check my RSS Feeds (yes whenever I update this blog, you’re the 1st to know!) make long-distance phone calls, SMS and more!


This is like… the holy grail of multi-tasking yo!! Brilliant 😀 😀

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate *claps hands*


I’ve checked out their website at and this is how it looks!

Sucha funky intro page



After signing up, you'll receive some confirmation thingy and you’re done! Once you’re in and have sync-ed the credentials of your choice (I’ve chosen to sync my Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds and e-mails!), this will be your ‘dashboard’ to manage all your social activities online!

Whoo hoo! My very 1st Tweet with on the iTalk portal!

And e-mails too!

Hahaha! So easy right 😀 Happy maximus wheeee



Oh wait! I just found out it has a calendar-organizer too, good fer all the busybees who needs to hire ten thousand PA’s to organize their schedule haha! I totally need this too, as I tend to sometimes overlook the appointments or events I’ve to attend. Sorry! 🙁



Next time, I can just log on iTalk WHOA and do all my social networking yet switch to this view to remind me of my next appointment or deadline with their to-do list too!


The best is yet to come!


That’s the boyfie’s Malaysian number by the way

You can blackmail him if you want 😛  KIDDING!


The rates are darn awesome too. If imma call him in Singapore, it will only cost me 5sen per minute! Calling the bestie in the UK, calling the uncle in the US and calling the couzzies in Australia will cost me 5sen per minute too! I can even SMS them 🙂


Let's check it out



So I waited for a few seconds and in came an SMS on my cellphone 🙂



Ask me for more rates if you’ve got loved ones or friends in countries elsewhere!


Pretty nifty ey? In this era, everyone’s moving to the one-click frenzy already! Who wants to lag behind time and do things the hard way? It’s like wrapping your right arm around your head to dig your left nostril LOL so silly

I’ve used it for quite a fair bit and I must say, I’m beginning to love it already! One tab/window is enough for me to do all my work. I implore you to try it as well dearies, if you haven’t already tried!


calling calling ~



Don’t worry, if you have any trouble using it or experience any unfamilarity with the toolbars, just ask me! But generally, you shouldn’t have any issues with it because it’s pretty user friendly. Try exploring it.. it won't cost you a sen – plus, you'll be given free RM5 credit when you begin.

Lotsa new things are waiting to be discovered by you… and me! (i'm still in the process of playing around with it and learning new things by the day) Why lose out on technology? 😀



Good luck dearies!

Remember, it’s See ya there!