When asked of my favorite colour, I never fail to answer that my most preferred colour, is red.

Nevertheless, my attraction to brown comes as no surprise, as brown is made up mostly of red pigments!


Did you know that brown is actually a composite colour made up of red, yellow and black?

Well now you do. Here are some of my favorite things, and they are coincidentally all in BROWN! 


One of my favorite pairs of heels


Nutella Martinis


Pancakes and chocolate ice-cream heart


The wooden chalets I stayed whilst in Malacca


Coffee and cookies


Last year's giant chocolate birthday cake


One of my favorite hangout spots, Starbucks' interior


More chocolate cakes cheeky


The Samsung GALAXY Note 2


Wait – WHAT? The Samsung GALAXY Note 2 now comes in brown?

Precisely. Adding yet another out-of-the-ordinary colour choice for gadgets to their current portfolio of pink and wine red (apart from the usual white and black ones), the latest colour introduced to the market is……… AMBER BROWN!


Such a beauty, isn't it? 

Father's Day is coming so this might be just the right thing to give daddykins 



I did a colour personality test recently and found out that brown is honest, genuine and sincere.

It relates to the hardworking, the industrious and reliable, with both feet planted firmly on the ground.


This video shows how brown depicts friendship, timeless values and loyalty


Brown is also a colour symbolizing security, simplicity, down-to-earth and practicality.



A close-up of the Amber Brown Samsung Galaxy Note II 

A long time ago, I used to think that brown was an "old person" colour. blush

But as I grew up, I knew how gravely wrong I was. Now, quite a number of my belongings are brown.

If I look around the room now, I realize that my shoes are brown, my contact lenses are brown, my organizer is brown, my eyeshadow is brown, my satchel is brown… and the list goes on. 


If I owned a Samsung GALAXY Note II, it will be brown too!laugh


Get the all-new limited edition Samsung GALAXY Note II Amber Brown is in stores now.



For more information on the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 in Amber Brown, you can:

Log on to their official website at: Samsung.com.my

LIKE them on Facebook at: fb.com/SamsungMobileMalaysia